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Introducing the Thailand Trail Series – 2017 Championship

AMA Events is excited to announce a new format to our Trail Run events for 2017.  Introducing the trail running ‘Championship Series’ with 4 trail runs over the year. Racers compete per race in Male/Female distance classes (3km/10km/25km/50km) to accumulate points and win the ‘Champion of the Trails’ title, podium finishers will receive cash and sponsor prizes for every race class with a value of over 500,000 THB up for grabs!

Most importantly we want to encourage everyone who wants to compete in a trail run to give it a go –  you can walk or run at any pace you like ! Our trail runs are open to all levels of racers, from beginners through to experienced athletes. So if you always wanted to try – make 2017 the year to do it !

Registration for the first 3 events are open, so make sure you get in fast and don’t miss out. Racers of the first 3 trail runs will receive a 25% discount on the final XTERRA Ultra trail run.



1. CHALLENGE – January 22, 2017 @ Khao Mai Keaw, Pattaya
The 4-Part race series will kick off with the KMK Trail Challenge, close to Pattaya and easily accessed from Bangkok. Khao Mai Kaew is the birthplace of Trail running in Thailand – so don’t miss the opening race with a 3km, 10km, 25km and 50km

2. COLUMBIA TRAIL MASTERS EPISODE 12 – February 26, 2017 @ Khao Ito, Nakhon Nayok

3. COLUMBIA TRAIL MASTERS EPISODE 13 – July 09, 2017 @ Nong Yai, Chonburi
The second and third Trail runs are our inaugural Columbia Trail Masters events, back again for 2017 in association with Columbia. We have chosen our favourite locations which our trial runners have loved the most.

Challenging trails, through amazing rainforest and jungles, climbing to beautiful panoramas to take in!

The series continues with 3km, 10km, 25km and 50km distances.

4. XTERRA ULTRA TRAIL – November 12, 2017 @ a special undisclosed location !
Closing out the year we bring the ultimate in trail running – the world leading off-road ‘XTERRA Ultra Trail Run’ bringing an Ultra distance trail to challenge the strongest athletes and build up for the final Championship Victory. We are keeping this event a surprise and will launch the big  announcement of the location and all details during the 2017 series!

DON’T MISS THE 2017 TRAIL SERIES – The fastest growing sport in Thailand with over 5,000 registered trail runners, this 2017 series is going to prove to be AMAZING! Make sure you spread TELL EVERYONE, not to miss the Thailand Trail Series 2017 Championship!


Points per event: 10km, 25km, 50km, ULTRA
Total series points = the overall winners

Highest points available per category = 
10km = 100 points for winner
25km = 200 points for winner
50km = 300 points for winner
ULTRA = 400 points for winner

All finishers = + 5 points (incentive award / participation / encouragement).

Racers can change categories and points will still accumulate to the total series points.

For a tie in points, the competitor with the lowest time will be the winner.

Disputes can be lodged and reviewed, with all results being timed and released per event and available publicly online.

= 100 points for winner

1st 100
2nd 90
3rd 85
4th 80
5th 75
6th 70
7th 65
8th 60
9th 55
10th 50
11th 45
12th 40
13th 35
14th 30
15th 25

= 200 points for winner

1st 200
2nd 180
3rd 175
4th 170
5th 165
6th 160
7th 155
8th 145
9th 140
10th 135
11th 130
12th 125
13th 120
14th 115
15th 110

= 300 points for winner

1st 300
2nd 280
3rd 275
4th 270
5th 265
6th 260
7th 255
8th 245
9th 240
10th 235
11th 230
12th 225
13th 220
14th 215
15th 210

= 500 points for winner

1st 500
2nd 480
3rd 475
4th 470
5th 465
6th 460
7th 455
8th 445
9th 440
10th 435
11th 430
12th 425
13th 420
14th 415
15th 410


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